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The Best Educational Apps For Kids

ASD appsHave a tablet? Use it to help your kids learn. Since iPads are cool, they’ll be motivated to do their ABCs. Here are the educational apps we like the most, because they’re highly effective and super fun. Apps are a great tool for you child with (or without) ASD.

Our Favourite Learning Apps for Kids
Programs have to be used properly in order for them to strengthen skills. As such, monitor your youngster during learning time on the iPad.

Choiceworks: This picture-based app helps kids follow their daily schedules, complete tasks with positive behaviour and become better at waiting and turn-taking.

Proloquo2Go: If your child can’t speak, get this communication tool. It gives an audible voice to those with limited to no expressive language.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame: Beloved Sesame Street characters help your toddler learn how to regulate their emotions and problem-solve.

Cozi Family Organizer: Download this program if you have an older learner who can read. It allows you to share (from your phone to theirs) grocery lists, daily to-dos and other family priorities to foster responsibility, independence and task completion.

Paperless: Lists and Checklists: For kids who can read, use this app to create text-based schedules for, as examples, making lunches or after-school routines.

Time Timer: Visual timers like this one can help make transitions smoother and less stressful for kiddos.

The Zones of Regulation: To work on your child’s emotional awareness and regulation, download this educational app.

Book Creator: Solo or with your support, kids can create their own e-books complete with text, pictures and audio.

Apps by John Talavera: This developer has created several fantastic learning programs, including Autism iHelp WH Questions and Autism iHelp Language Concepts, for kids with ASD.

Apps by Different Roads to Learning, Inc: What Goes Together?, Tell Me About It! and What’s That Sound? are just a few programs from this company that may benefit and engage your little learners.

Apps by Super Duper Publications: They produce awesome educational apps, such as Let’s Name Things, Understanding Inferences and Following Directions, that kids love.

These are just some of the great apps for your child with (or without) ASD.