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Errorless Teaching

Episode 111: Errorless Teaching

Errorless teaching is an instructional strategy that ensures a student responds correctly. Here, we discuss why errorless teaching is important and how we can use it to benefit our learners. We provide some examples of what errorless teaching looks like and tips to help learners succeed. We also discuss how to choose the right prompt, why it’s important to make sure your prompt matches your SD, and how to fade prompts within sessions.

Episode 105: Hierarchy of Prompting in ABA

Through the use of effective prompting, we’re able to help our learners succeed. Here, we dive into the hierarchy of prompting so we can use it in the best way possible. We discuss the importance of repetition and modeling and why they help learners become more successful. We also discuss fading prompts, why verbal prompts are the hardest to fade, and how to use least-to-most prompting.

What is a Task Analysis?

Episode 103: What Is a Task Analysis?

In ABA, a task analysis can be used to break down larger, more complex skills into smaller steps or actions to make things more manageable for our learners. Task analyses can be used to teach a variety of social and life skills. Here, we discuss how to create a task analysis from scratch, the different types of chaining, and how to use prompts to build independence.