Following 1-Step Instructions

Follow Instructions? You love working on arts & crafts projects and are currently working on a card for the holidays, “Pass me the scissors!” you state to your partner sitting across the table from you. A furnace needs some cleaning and maintenance before the season changes – “Can you give me the screwdriver?” the HVAC Read more about Following 1-Step Instructions[…]

Top 5 Must-Have ABA Program Materials

Materials for an ABA program don’t have to cost a ton of money. We’re big fans of keeping it simple and doable. Fancy, laminated cards look pretty but if something else can get the job done for a fraction of the time and cost – that’s a winner! Besides for a few materials that we Read more about Top 5 Must-Have ABA Program Materials[…]

My Child Needs ABA – Now What?!?

What to Expect When Setting Up an ABA Therapy Program Finding out that your child is not developing as they should be can be very overwhelming.  Maybe you’ve just received a diagnosis of ASD and you’re not sure how to accept it or what to do next.  Maybe it’s something that you’ve known all along Read more about My Child Needs ABA – Now What?!?[…]

How to Write a Good ABA Program

Unfortunately, writing good program descriptions is not something that was covered in the training to become BCBA certified.  Most of us have a solid background in the foundations and principles of ABA yet we weren’t taught how to apply that knowledge to creating programs.  Sure, there are assessment tools that guide us but children don’t Read more about How to Write a Good ABA Program[…]