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Sensory Overload Simulations

sensory overloadWished you could wear the shoes of your loved one with ASD to experience what he experiences? Here’s a little insight: Imagine going for a walk and being bombarded by lights and sounds so intense that you can’t help but scream and meltdown. Whoa! Yes, that’s what a stroll down the street can be like for someone with autism who is experiencing sensory overload.

Online Sensory Simulations

For better understanding of what sensory overload is like, check out these 5 simulation videos on Mashable. They’re insightful! And they’re also loud – keep the volume high to truly get a taste – so don’t watch when you have a headache.

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Some people experience life with the volume level set to 1 out of 10 – these people typically need more sensory input to receive a level that is acceptable to meet their needs. On the other end, some people experience life with the volume level set to 10 out of 10 – these people typically need breaks and/or escape from sensory input.

If the goal is to experience life at a volume level of 5, we need to equip our learners with the skills to help them regulate and meet their unique needs.


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