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Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Presents for Parents

parentgiftguide350Parenting a child with special needs is a challenging responsibility that takes endless amounts of effort, time and energy. So, please pamper these hard-working caregivers this holiday season! Here are several thoughtful gifts to give to your very-deserving partner or friends.

1. Spa massages: To help parents mentally and physically unwind, treat them to massages (or another relaxing service) at a local spa.

2. Babysitting: Promise to hang out with the kids for a night or two, so parents can enjoy a quiet dinner at a restaurant or a luxurious weekend away.

3. Meal delivery: Take care of dinner regularly (daily, once a week, once a month – whatever you can swing) to help whittle down your friend’s or partner’s to-do list. Make the food yourself, get dishes from a restaurant or hire a meal delivery service.

4. Gift certificates: Caregivers often spend most of their money on their child and little on themselves. So, give parents gift cards to their favourite places (somewhere they won’t be tempted to buy for Peter or Polly) to encourage them to splurge on themselves.

5. Cleaning services: Employ a cleaning company to help with the chores. Your friend or partner will be grateful and relieved that they have less work to do at home!

6. Money towards therapy: Therapeutic services, which children with special needs often require, can be expensive. Giving a monetary gift can help ease the family’s financial load.

7. Books: Help build the parents’ at-home resource library with books that provide tips or insights about their child’s condition. Here are some to consider: An Early Start for Your Child with Autism, Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism, No More Meltdowns, The Spark, Carly’s Voice, The Way I See It, The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook and  The Explosive Child.

Happy shopping and gifting! Wishing you and yours a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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