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Gifts That Promote Independence

ID-100264055Stuck on what to give your sweetie this holiday season? Consider wrapping up presents that improve your sweetie’s mood and skills, create memories and promote independence. When Kevin can learn to brush his teeth like a pro or walk home from school safely, his self-confidence will soar. Priceless! Here are our favourite prezzies that help your kiddo do things independently.

Smart Toothbrush: If Kim struggles with brushing her pearly whites properly, then get her a toothbrush that provides guidance, such as the Oral-B Pro 5000. It has a built-in timer, so Kim knows how long to brush, tells her when she’s pressing too hard and deep cleans teeth and gums to help prevent cavities. Beautiful! What’s more, it’s outfitted with Bluetooth technology, so you can keep track of Kim’s oral hygiene habits on your phone.

GPS Tracker: Kevin’s buds are walking to and from school and he really wants to, too. Gulp! If you think he’s ready, you can foster his independence safely by gifting him a device such as a Pocketfinder GPS Child Tracker. Small enough to fit into his pocket or clip onto his backpack, the technology talks to your phone, so you to know where he is at all times. Whew!

No-Peddle Bike: All the kids in the neighbourhood zoom around on two-wheelers, but Kim doesn’t yet have the coordination to power her own. The solution: a peddle-free bicycle. It allows her to move alongside her peers, while she learns how to balance on a bike with her feet still on the ground.

Watch That Reminds: It’s like you’re a talking, breathing to-do list for Kevin. You have to prompt him to remember everything from putting on his shoes to paying attention in class. Both you and Kevin are so over your nagging. Ugh! To promote his independence and minimize your  hounding, get him a WatchMinder. Worn like a typical watch, it vibrates to remind Kevin of a variety of tasks, such as going to the bathroom and studying for tests.

Touchscreen Tablet: Kim will be over-the-moon to unwrap her very own tablet. To ensure it performs to promote independence, load it with useful apps. If Kim is non-verbal, download Proloquo2Go to help her communicate with you and the world. And to help her follow a daily schedule, use Choiceworks. For more apps that promote independence, click here.

Happy holidays! May your New Year be filled with health, happiness and independence!

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