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Episode 152: Direct Instruction Programs

We typically use direct instruction programs with some of our advanced learners, especially when working towards academic goals. Direct instruction (also known as DI) is an evidence-based, scripted set of curricula based on ABA principles. They are designed around reviewing previously mastered skills and moving in small increments to help our learners feel successful.

How to Use Direct Instruction with Your Learners

Here, we cover some of our favorite DI programs to help learners with reading, language and comprehension, spelling, math, and writing. Plus, we provide tips on how to use them most effectively.

We walk through the history of DI in American school districts and how we came to use it in the special needs community as well. We also talk about targeting concepts individually and how to collect data. So make sure to download our free datasheet to use with your learners!

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What’s Inside:

  • The history of DI in American schools
  • Our favorite direct instruction programs by learning topic
  • How to use direct instruction programs most effectively with your learners

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