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Episode 150: Evolution of Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

Our approach to discrete trial training, or discrete trial teaching (DTT), might look very different today than our approach in the past, or how we were taught in school. In the past, DTT was heavy on memorization, and it often lacked a natural environment component. Here, we discuss the evolution of DTT, what’s changed, and how we can apply it in our current work. 

Three Term Contingency and Discrete Trial Training

DTT is just this idea that our teaching involves a three term contingency. So with any discrete trial, there is the stimulus or the instruction. Then there’s the student response (behavior) and then the reinforcement or consequence.

We talk about what DTT actually is and discuss some of the common misconceptions of the technique. Also, we share what a true child-led approach looks like and how to individualize DTT for the learner.

We created a three-term contingency visual to help make properly doing DTT much easier. Download it for free below!

What’s Inside:

  • The evolution of DTT and how we use it today
  • Common misconceptions about DTT
  • How to individualize DTT for clients and therapists

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