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Episode 149: Person-Centered Behavior Management

There are a lot of things that we may have learned about ABA. But the thing with the ABA is that it’s a science that is constantly changing and evolving. While the rules and procedures around behavior management we originally learned still apply, we may talk about it differently today. Now we want to turn to an empathetic, person-centered approach. Acknowledging how our learners are feeling in the moment can sometimes be far more effective than trying to push ahead. Here, we discuss how the person-centered approach works.

Person-Centered Behavior Management Methods

The beauty of a person-centered approach is that it holds space for our learners while still allowing us to hold firm boundaries. The goal is to come across as a cheerleader, not a controller. In this episode we discuss Hanley’s universal protocol and related concepts, tips for creating a more positive environment, and how to identify precursors to problem behaviors.

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What’s Inside:

  • How to use a person-centered approach to behavior management
  • Details on Hanley’s Universal Protocol
  • How to identify precursors to problem behaviors

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