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Episode 148: Hanley’s Approach to Teaching Tolerance and Delay

Have you ever had a student who seems to engage in problem behavior just to control their environment? Or maybe they don’t like hearing “no.” Sometimes it’s just that they can’t wait if reinforcement is delayed. Does this sound like your student? Then this episode all about Dr. Gregory Hanley’s work on skill-based treatment (SBT) for teaching tolerance and delay is for you.

SBT Data Sheet Overview

Here at How to ABA, we get a lot of questions regarding Hanley’s approach to tolerance and delay. We created our user-friendly data sheet based on Hanley’s course that you can download and reuse. Here, we walk through our data sheet and show you how to use it in your practice. We also provide tips to help you and your learners have a successful treatment experience. To download your copy and get even more ABA resources, sign up to become a member of The Bx Resource here.


This episode is meant to give an overview and is an oversimplification of this process. The actual technique takes much longer to implement. Hanley’s research is publicly available to anyone interested in PFAs and SBTS.  To those who are committed to learning how to implement the process with high fidelity and to ensure a meaningful outcome, please check out the FTF Behavioral Consulting website. There are no shortcuts to success, particularly when supporting individuals with severe problem behavior.

Do you want to learn more about Dr. Gregory Hanley’s skill-based treatment? Grab your free SBT overview below!

What’s Inside:.

  • How to use SBT to teach tolerance and delay.
  • Tips on how to best complete our SBT data sheet.
  • How to get your own copy to download and reuse.

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