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Episode 143: Types of ABA Data Sheets

As ABA practitioners, we use a lot of data sheets. It can be tough to know which ones to use in specific situations. In this episode, we break down different types of ABA data sheets and when to use them. Data is only as helpful as how we use it, so it’s important to choose a data sheet that will make taking data simple for you.

What are ABA Data Sheets?

ABA data sheets can be as basic as simply writing things down. Data sheets should reflect the environment they’re used in, for example a classroom data sheet will look much different than one used in a one-to-one. It’s important to look at who the end user is to ensure the data sheets are the most useful.

Teaching, play, and engagement always matter more than the data, and we don’t want data collection to take over to the point where it’s taking away from what’s important. Creating a system that maintains this balance is key. We also discuss how to start with an end goal in mind when collecting data. 

Types of Data Collection Methods

To get a full list of different data collection methods, download the Data Collections Method Cheat Sheet below!

What’s Inside:

  • Why data sheets should reflect the environment they’re used in
  • Why it’s important to create a balance between work with our clients and data collection
  • Pros and cons of traditional data sheets and how to use them

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How To Choose the Right Data Collection Method