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Episode 137: Parent Coaching/Training

Parents are always the experts when it comes to their kids. We get a lot of questions about how to coach parents of students with autism. And we’re sharing some tips and best practices on parent coaching/training. As professionals, we need to remember to take parents’ perspectives and acknowledge their busy lifestyles and challenges. Although we went to school for many years to master our careers, the concepts we teach are often foreign to parents, so it helps to speak in layman’s terms.

We discuss how to establish a foundation with parents and how to get to know families’ unique routines and habits. Our main goal when working with parents is to help support them in their goals and leave our own bias at the door. Our conversation also includes how to help parents achieve easy wins with their kids, how to leverage behavior skills training, and why it’s important to start small and build rapport.

One important aspect to coach parents on is how to teach their child to communicate at home. We have a PDF of communication temptations available below for you to use with your clients and their parents.

What’s Inside:

  • How to help parents grasp the concepts we teach our learners
  • How to leverage behavior skills training in parent coaching/training
  • Why it’s important to start small and gain parental trust

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