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Episode 133: The BST Model – Behavioral Skills Training


When you hear the term “BST model,” what comes to mind? Typically, we think of staff training or social skills, but in ABA, we can use the BST model for so much more. Here, we cover the various applications of behavioral skills training in more detail. The more you can practice a scenario in a calm, relaxed environment, the better prepared you are to handle it when it comes up in real life. 

What is Behavioral Skills Training?

There are four distinct parts of the BST model: instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. We sometimes forget how valuable practice is, so we spend time talking about the importance of rehearsal. We also cover how to incorporate reinforcement and feedback and provide some real-world examples of BST in action.

If you want to try the BST model with your learners, check out The Bx Blueprint below for more programming techniques – including role play and BST!

What’s Inside:

  • How to use BST outside of staff training and social skills.
  • The importance of rehearsal, or practice.
  • How to incorporate reinforcement.

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