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Episode 129: Compassionately Targeting Challenging Behavior with ABA

As BCBAs, part of our job is to target challenging behavior. Here, we discuss how to do so in a compassionate way so that our learners feel safe. Sometimes, our learners just need our empathy and support after a rough day. As behavior analysts, we have to shift our focus from a follow-through perspective to how to best support those we work with. The best solutions to challenging behaviors often come from providing a safe, welcoming environment.

Understanding Challenging Behavior

Having a trauma-informed approach is key, and pushing through sometimes makes challenging behavior worse. Creating the foundation of a solid relationship should come before we place any real demands on our learners. Our conversation includes how to reframe our perspective to a more compassionate approach, how to build trusting relationships, and how to make environments more enriching and fun.

Challenging Behavior Resources

Our free Bx Resource membership has multiple tools to help ABA professionals be compassionate and trustworthy with their learners. Sign up below if you haven’t already to get instant access to them all!

What’s Inside:

  • How to create a safe environment for our learners.
  • How to make the learning environment more enriching and fun.
  • How to reframe our perspective for a more compassionate approach.

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