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Episode 126: How to Teach WH Questions

As ABA practitioners, we know how to teach feature, function, and class. But what do we teach next? Some learners may have a hard time with WH questions. In many cases, we simply teach learners to memorize responses to these questions, but they don’t actually understand what they mean. When we then start to mix and vary questions, it sometimes causes confusion. That’s why in this podcast episode we discuss how to teach WH questions.

We discuss the importance of language comprehension and why we need to teach across operants. Sometimes this approach takes a bit longer, but learners can really grasp what’s being taught instead of memorizing an answer. We also cover how to handle error correction and how to utilize matching and visuals.

Want to go even further on teaching WH questions? Join us on Wednesday, December 6th at 12pm EST for our CEU event Beyond Rote Responding: The Progression of WH Questions.

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