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Episode 124: Expanding the Definition of Inclusion in ABA with Chris Collins

Chris Collins is the Executive Director of Ability to Include, and he’s back on the podcast for a chat about inclusion in ABA. Since the last time we spoke to Chris, he’s expanded his business ventures. Today, he’s focused on teaching social skills within team sports. As an RBT, Chris coached soccer and realized there was room for ABA strategies on and off the field. Currently, Chris works with children with many different developmental challenges, including those on the autism spectrum.

Chris shares insights into inclusion, which has become sort of a buzzword. While many define inclusion as bringing children with autism into a mainstream setting, inclusion should be more than that.  Inclusion should not only encompass physical proximity but should also promote interaction and belonging.  For Chris, inclusion also refers to more than just children on the autism spectrum.  Kids with medical complexities, learning disabilities, and trauma can all benefit from inclusion as well. Our conversation with Chris also incorporates how he obtains funding, his thoughts on the future of ABA, and why we need better training and development for RBTs.

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What’s Inside:

  • Why Chris believes inclusion in ABA should extend beyond kids with autism.
  • How Chris obtains grants and funding.
  • Advice for BCBAs looking to run their own programs.

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