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Episode 121: Being an Awesome ABA Instructor

Being a fantastic ABA instructor goes way beyond the duties listed in the job description. Here, we cover the qualities that help you move from good to great. The first thing on the list is forming strong relationships. Really engaging with parents and kids and figuring out what motivates our students goes a long way. Having empathy and being compassionate go hand in hand with being professional. As an ABA therapist, you also want to show that you’re committed to learning and developing healthy coping strategies.

Going the extra mile to come up with solutions helps us stay motivated, and reaching out to collaborate with coworkers and team members is key. In our roles, we also have plenty of opportunities to give and accept feedback. We discuss how to stay open to feedback and how to deliver it to others. We also talk about the importance of being detail-oriented, using your intuition and thinking on your feet, and how to be fun and creative.

What’s Inside:

  • The top qualities of an awesome ABA instructor.
  • How to give and receive feedback.
  • The importance of creativity and fun.

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