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Episode 120: Are Social Stories Effective in ABA?

Social stories are a great tool to use in ABA. They were originally created by Carol Gray as a tool to eliminate negative behaviors. However, there’s no documented evidence to suggest they actually do eliminate negative behavior in and of themselves. So, why do we still use social stories? And how can we make sure we’re using them correctly?

When is a Social Story Most Effective?

In ABA, social stories are typically used as a piece of a larger treatment puzzle. When paired with other interventions, they can be effective in treating negative behavior. Remember, in order to reduce negative behavior we need to first figure out what function the behavior is serving. Then you can come up with a treatment plan that incorporates social stories in conjunction with other treatments and interventions. In this episode we’ll share some examples and go over how to measure progress and collect data.

Example of Social Stories for Autism

We like to use social stories as an additional visual in programming. We have a social story all about riding the school bus available for you to download free! Get it by signing up below!

What’s Inside:

  • The origin of social stories and how we use them in ABA.
  • How to use them to decrease negative behavior.
  • Examples of social stories in action.

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