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Episode 116: How to Communicate with Parents Effectively About ABA Sessions

Working with clients is only one aspect of our job. Communicating with parents and making sure they feel comfortable with us is another key skill to master. So how do we communicate with parents effectively? Parents will typically communicate with a paraprofessional, ABA therapist, teacher, or support staff the most often. So it’s important that any messaging we send through them comes across as caring and attentive. We also want to be specific. When communicating with a parent directly, something as simple as starting off a conversation with something positive about the student makes a big difference.

Communicate with Parents Effectively

Asking parents about their communication preferences is key as well. Some parents prefer minimal communication while others require more details and frequent check-ins. We discuss how to place parameters and boundaries around parental communication and how to maintain a balance. We also talk about how to keep things simple, how to communicate changes in scheduling or staffing, and why it’s important to keep your main focus on the student.

We’ve created a simple way for you to ensure you balance the positive and negative feedback you give to parents. A parent communication log! Download it below to start communicating with parents effectively.

What’s Inside:

  • How to communicate with parents effectively.
  • How to set communication parameters and maintain a balance.
  • The importance of communicating changes to scheduling and staffing.

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