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Episode 113: How to Maintain Client Dignity in ABA

A high-quality ABA program treats clients with dignity and respect. In this episode, we cover how to make sure that we’re maintaining client dignity in ABA sessions. Simple gestures like knocking on a door before entering go a long way in helping clients feel comfortable and respected. The needs of our learners always come first and we have to think about treating them the way we would want to be treated ourselves. 

We discuss getting consent from our clients as a way to maintain dignity and how to look for nonverbal cues that things are going well. As ABA therapists, we often teach kids basic life skills like dressing and toileting and these skills require respect for privacy and proper boundaries. We also talk about how to foster client dignity within a classroom setting, how to use Dr. Gregory Hanley’s “televisibility” as a gauge for how our sessions go, how to discuss clients outside of work, and how to offer choices. 

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What’s Inside:

  • The importance of maintaining client dignity in ABA.
  • How to foster dignity in a classroom setting.
  • How to discuss clients outside of work.

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