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Episode 112: Direct Instruction Strategies for Teaching Children with Autism How to Read with Lisa Gelberman

We recently sat down with Lisa Gelberman, the founder and creator of Literacy Decoded, to talk about direct instruction strategies. For the first 15 years of her career, she taught in an elementary school and then went into special education. She became a resource teacher where she pulled kids out for specific subject areas, and she eventually started teaching an ASD community class. There, Lisa began her ABA journey, where she used techniques to help those in her class succeed. For the last four years, she’s been the principal at a school, therapy clinic, and camp for children with special needs.

Lisa is a literacy specialist but even she felt she couldn’t get her students to learn to read as well as she knew they could. She began exploring different curricula and teaching practices, spoke to various professionals, and got additional certifications. Lisa shares her experience with direct instruction and the Orton Gillingham (OG) Approach and how she uses it with students. We also discuss how to use the OG approach with different types of learners, how Lisa used the OG approach with her son, and information on Lisa’s program, Literacy Decoded.

Direct Instruction Strategy Examples

Lisa is offering our listeners access to her course: Introduction to Orton Gillingham! If you enjoyed our conversation about direct instruction and the OG Approach and want to learn more, sign up and learn how to teach reading (and writing!) using the OG Approach.

Did you know that we also have resources for teaching reading in our Bx Resource membership? We go over everything from basic reading comprehension to starting a direct instruction comprehension program.

What’s Inside:

  • All about direct instruction strategies like OG Approach and how to use it with students.
  • How to use the OG Approach with different types of learners.
  • Information on Lisa’s program, Literacy Decoded.

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