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Episode 109: Autism Back to School Advice

For many, the beginning of a new school year can be an exciting time. For others, it evokes fear and worry. In this episode we discuss the best ways to help our learners with autism transition back to school. New classrooms, new faces, and new noises can be a challenge, along with intimidating social situations and unrealistic classroom demands. Not every family sends their kids to structured programs throughout the summer, so the transition for these children can be extra tough. Getting back into the swing of things after spending time doing whatever they want isn’t easy.

For ABA professionals, a great place to start is talking to our learner’s parents. Encourage parents to contact the school a couple of weeks prior to the first day to arrange a school tour and meet teachers. We talk about other ways to ease the transition, like all-about-me sheets to help teachers get to know the learner on a deeper level. We also discuss how to help kids get used to routines throughout the school day, adjusted schedules, the importance of a good communication system, and when to introduce behavior plans.

Since communication between teachers or staff and the parents is so critical, we’ve developed a communication log you can download to give to your student’s parents absolutely free. Get it below.

What’s Inside:

  • How to help learners transition at the end of summer.
  • Tips to help teachers get to know kids before school starts.
  • How to help kids adjust to new school day routines.

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