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Episode 090: Linggo: A Picture-Based AAC System for Children with Autism

In preparation for a CEU event that we’re hosting all about how to use an AAC system for a child with autism, we are rebroadcasting our Linggo episode with Ling Ly Tan and Jane Button. 

Ling and Jane are from Linggo, an AAC device company that helps make communication accessible for people who have difficulty speaking. Linggo is an assistive technology that supports the learning of language, speech, and literacy skills through an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) platform. Ling’s a BCBA and has been working in the field for almost two decades. Jane worked on the front lines with children in her community and then became a trained clinician and consultant. 

Want to learn more about using AAC devices with your learners?  We’ve got a live CEU event coming up with Ling and Jane on Wednesday, March 29th at 12:00 pm ET. Click here to join us for this event!

Linggo was built out of Ling’s frustration with AACs that were hard to use and not the best for her clients. Nearly 60% abandon their AAC within the first year, which is unfortunate because it can be such a vital tool for language development. Linggo also provides parent training for clinicians and parents to help generalize communication. Communication is so complex, and it requires an interdisciplinary team approach. The focus should always be on the best interest of the child. Linggo is customized based on each individual client, unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all systems. 

Don’t forget…on March 29th, we’re hosting a CEU event that dives deeper into Linggo and AAC devices. Find out more by heading to the events page of our website, linked here!

What’s Inside:

  • How Linggo is improving AAC systems and language development.
  • Recommendations for interdisciplinary collaboration for those using an AAC.
  • How to work with parents when introducing them to an AAC and accepting a diagnosis.

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