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Episode 083: First Week as a BCBA

Passing your BCBA exam is an amazing accomplishment. Although becoming officially certified is something to celebrate, the next task is getting out into the field and putting your new skills to the test. Some new practitioners are faced with impostor syndrome while others believe that just by having the certification, they know everything there is to know. The truth is that getting that piece of paper is just the beginning of your journey as a new BCBA. There’s still so much to learn and experience so we’re sharing tips to help you start your first week as a BCBA on the right foot.

Supervision is key, so be sure to find a mentor that you respect and trust. Surround yourself with people you can rely on and who are available to answer your questions. We dive into CEUs and how to make a plan to track them. We also discuss understanding your strengths, being open to new experiences, goal setting, and how to stay grounded when working with parents and other professionals. If you’re not already a member of How To ABA, becoming an official member gives you access to plenty of great resources to help you get acclimated as a brand-new professional in this life as a BCBA.

What’s Inside:

  • Why getting your BCBA certification is just the beginning of your journey.
  • The importance of CEUs and making sure you track them.
  • How to stay grounded when working with parents and professionals.

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