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Episode 081: Preparing for Supervision as a BCBA

Supervision Requirements for BCBA

It’s hard to know how to handle preparing for supervision as a BCBA. Most BCBAs aren’t taught how to supervise others, and many of us are thrown into the role as soon as we get our certification. Right afterward, we’re expected to supervise ABA programs, staff members, and even parents. It’s important to know what steps to take when preparing for supervision as a BCBA so we don’t become overwhelmed and experience burnout. It’s common to experience imposter syndrome as a new BCBA, especially when we’re given so many added responsibilities. On this podcast, we define supervision and walk through a BCBA’s various responsibilities and tasks.

How Do BCBA Supervision Hours Work?

One of the best ways to minimize overwhelm is to prepare ahead of time and stay organized. Depending on the environment, you may be interacting with many different parties, so it’s important to take notes. Notetaking also makes following up in the next session simple.  We discuss how to collect and analyze data, how to share it with your supervisees, and the importance of looking at things from a big-picture perspective. We also cover how to model and make suggestions to staff, which should include a ton of positive feedback.

What’s Inside:

  • What supervision is and a BCBA’s responsibilities.
  • Tips for preparing for supervision as a BCBA and staying organized through supervision sessions.
  • How to model and give feedback to staff.

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