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Episode 072: Being a BCBA within a School System with Natalie Todd

Natalie Todd is a BCBA and school-based behavioral consultant in New York State. Collaboration is a big part of Natalie’s day-to-day and coming up with treatment plans for students is always a team-based approach. Being a BCBA within a school system can be challenging, especially if you’re the only resource. Natalie talks about the importance of scheduling and how things can get thrown off. Training other staff on intervention strategies can help you work through unplanned issues, so they don’t take up half of your day.

Strategizing together with the other professionals within the school system is in the best interest of the students. No one person knows everything, and we can learn and incorporate new perspectives through collaboration. Trauma-informed, compassionate care is one of the biggest trends in the field today and incorporating it into the school system is key to improving the environment. We talk with Natalie about changes in behavior analysis and how new techniques are replacing outdated ones. We also discuss collaborating with parents to help them transfer the strategies we use at school to the home to be more consistent for the student. 

What’s Inside:

  • Natalie’s experience as a BCBA within a school system.
  • How BCBAs can improve communication and processes within their schools.
  • Changes in the field and how new techniques are replacing old ones.
  • Parent training tips for a BCBA in school settings.

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