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Episode 064: Creating Task Analysis

We implement task analysis as a way of teaching skills and taking data. In this podcast episode we dive into all things creating task analysis and how it can help you and your clients succeed. The purpose of task analysis is to break a task down into smaller steps. We all do this on a regular basis, especially when it comes to tackling a big project or assignment. Breaking things down into smaller parts makes things more manageable and achievable. Many of our students need this type of learning and also need explanations of what each individual step means.  

Traditionally when we think of task analysis, we think of basic tasks like showering and other hygienic care needs. But sometimes creating task analysis can be used to tackle things like to-do lists. It can also help therapy teams work together and prioritize tasks to better serve the client and their goals. We cover how to come up with your task analysis list as well as how to know when to increase or decrease the amount of detail. We also discuss forward and backward chaining, creating a visual schedule, and when using task analysis what data should be collected?

Make sure to check out our free task analysis template by clicking the link below.


What’s Inside:

  • What is task analysis and how it helps makes life easier.
  • How to create a task analysis.
  • Forward chaining vs backward chaining.
  • Why use task analysis over other forms of data collection.

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