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Episode 060: ABA Speech with Rose Griffin

Today, we’re excited to be hosting Rose Griffin. She’s a speech language pathologist (SLP), BCBA, and the founder of ABA Speech with 20 years of experience. Did you know that there are less than 500 professionals that are dual-certified? Ever since her graduate placement, she’s really felt a pull to work with autistic children and others who have been deemed hard to reach. Rose realized that this work changes lives after working in an ABA center and seeing so many great success stories. We’ve known Rose for a couple of years now and we’re working on some projects together. It’s always great to connect with professionals through our online community.

Rose also has her own podcast called Autism Outreach. One of her main goals is to educate other SLPs and give them the right tools to use in their own practices. When Rose started her career, she didn’t have the resources we have today. Rose has two courses to help professionals understand what type of assessments to use and what intervention should look like from a communication standpoint. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to speech and language, and it’s all individualized based on who you are working with. 

What’s Inside:

  • Rose’s career journey.
  • Rose’s courses with ABA Speech and how they can help professionals.
  • Why SLP and BCBA collaboration is important.
  • Advice for a newly minted BCBA.

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