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Episode 057: ABC’s of Behavior with Shira & Shayna

In behavior analysis, we love our acronyms! Today, we’re talking about the ABC’s of behavior. We’ll share how you can take ABC data, why it’s so important, and so much more. All too often, we’re faced with compiling ABC data from a large amount of information, which can be overwhelming. Data is ultimately supposed to make our lives easier and help us do a better job as practitioners. 

ABC stands for antecedent, behavior, and consequence. When we refer to behavior, that includes the surrounding environment and what’s happening as well. There’s always something that happens to trigger a certain behavior (antecedent) as well as something that happens afterwards (consequence). The ABC’s of behavior strives to capture the complete picture. We really want to know specifics around these points, and it helps to keep things super simple. Here, we share helpful tips so you can collect the best data possible as well as how to work alongside teachers and other practitioners.

What’s Inside:

  • Why an ABC data sheet is important.
  • How to collect simple, impactful data.
  • Helpful tips for working with teachers and other professionals.

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