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Episode 044: Teaching Asking and Answering Questions with Shira and Shayna

In our community, we get a lot of questions from our members and the question for this episode is: “When would be a good time to teach a client to ask questions or what are some of the prerequisite skills before teaching to ask questions?”

There are a couple of options you want to look at which usually are asking questions and answering questions. If you’re teaching the latter, you need to make sure that comprehension is there. We share about how we approach it in the most tactile way by teaching the most motivating, relevant and simple things to start with. Once the student has more manding skills, then that’s when we take on tacting repertoires. 

What’s Inside:

  • Our thoughts on teaching to ask questions from an ABA program standpoint. 
  • Things that can help with repertoires. 
  • What you need to work on before teaching asking and answering questions.

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