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Episode 029: A Conversation with an RBT – Tamar Finkelstein

Tamar Finkelstein is an RBT who recently finished school and is working in the field. What brought her to the field was her own diagnosis of autism when she was two. Her mother got her involved in early intervention and because of that, she’s had a life full of opportunities. Getting into ABA was sort of like a “thank you”, as well as the chance to share the impact it’s had on her with others.

The biggest obstacle she’s encountered so far was not doing more research in the beginning. Being eager to get started can sometimes prevent you from taking the time to look into what centers are the best to work at. In some places, agencies can focus on quantity over quality and try to serve too many clients. A big gap is a lack of training as a new professional, and you can get into trouble if you’re not properly informed on rules and regulations.

Changes within the field are hard to standardize because there are so many nuances within different families, centers, cultures, etc. Getting client buy-in when coming up with treatment strategies is so important. One of the key things Tamar has learned is to be critical and having an open mind. We all have our own beliefs and experiences that affect our own practices, and we can all learn from each other.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Tamar’s experience with ABA as a child inspired her to get into the field.
  • Obstacles in the field as a new professional.
  • How ABA principles are applied in everyday life.

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