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Challenging Behaviour and ABA

Function-based intervention is an important part of what we do.

How to Develop a Bedtime Routine

What do you do before you go to bed? I’m sure you have a routine and you do the same things almost every night. Today’s topic is all about how to develop a bedtime routine for kids.

how to introduce new foods to kids

How to Introduce New Foods to Kids

Feeding problems in kids with autism is very common. A lot of times these children become very rigid with what they will and will not eat. On this blog, we’re explaining how to introduce new foods to kids. Not only children, but young adults as well.

How to Approach Scripting in Kids?

Scripting in kids is very common for kids with autism. But what should we do when it interferes with learning new skills? This video blog is all about scripting, why we all do it and what we can do as professionals to help kids when it starts to interfere with progress.