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Carter’s Story: How ABA Therapy Has Helped Him Thrive

carter350Some kids moan and groan about going back to school. Not Carter: He’s pumped to start Grade 2! We’re excited, too. Just a few years ago, Carter wasn’t able to communicate; now, after a lot of ABA therapy, he is a child excelling in the classroom and chatting with peers. Woo hoo! Here are the highlights of his story.

“When I first met Carter, he was 2.5 years old and barely communicating,” said Shayna Gaunt, Director/Owner of Kid Mechanix and How to ABA. He was diagnosed with a Communication Disorder and features of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Sharon Marcovitch recommended ABA-based intervention to promote active engagement and to direct him in skill development. Following her direction, Carter’s parents reached out to Kid Mechanix.

“When we found out about Carter’s diagnosis we were scared, anxious and unsure of his future,” says his mom, Marni. “Then we met Shayna. She helped alleviate our anxiety because she knew just what to do to help Carter.” Therapy started almost right away.

Carter was quick to respond to his ABA tutor, who brought lots of toys with her to make learning fun. Gradually, he started talking more and socializing with his sister and other family members.

Last year, when Carter started grade 1, his school team recommended fading his Educational Assistant. “At first, we were nervous but also happy that therapy had been so effective,” says Marni. “Carter exceeded everyone’s expectations. He still requires extra assistance with comprehension tasks, but for the most part, Carter has been well-behaved and on-task while doing school work. He pays attention to the teacher and even has a few friends!”

Carter continues to do 4 to 6 hours of ABA therapy after school to boost his skills. During his sessions, they practice conversation, role-playing and language comprehension tasks.

“We are confident that Carter will succeed at everything he does in the future,” says Marni. “He has developed many skills and continues to learn appropriate strategies to manage his limitations and demonstrate his many strengths. We are so proud of him and very pleased with the support we have received from Shayna.”

Photo courtesy of Marni