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7 Films Featuring Autism

atthemovies350Rain Man is one of the most popular movies featuring autism, but it’s not the only flick worth renting if you want to see ASD in action on the big screen. After the kids are in bed, curl up with a bowl of popcorn and watch one of these good films showcasing Autism:

1. Adam: If you like A-typical love stories, check out this rom-com. Your heart will swell as you watch love blossom between the lead character, a man with Asperger Syndrome, and his new cosmopolitan neighbour.

2. Autism: The Musical: This inspiring documentary captures the highs and lows that five kids with ASD experience as they work hard to put together a musical production.

3. Best Kept Secret: The subject of this doc is an inner-city teacher who is determined to find her autistic students jobs or placements before they age-out of her classroom, so they won’t sit at home or be institutionalized.

4. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: This touching fictional flick, starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, features an 11-year-old boy with traits of ASD. The drama centres on the youngster’s hunt across New York City for a lock that can be opened by a mysterious key left behind by his deceased dad.

5. Sounding the Alarm: Battling the Autism Epidemic: The documentary follows families on their quest to find and secure the right services at the right prices for their loved ones with autism.

6. The Story of Luke: Starring Seth Green and Cary Elwes, this comedy is about a 25-year-old man with autism who searches for love and employment after living a sheltered life with his grandparents.

7. Temple Grandin: Clair Danes stars in this must-see biographic film about Dr. Grandin.

You can also read about a Comic Book Hero here, there is more than just films to discover ASD-related media!


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