Sensory Friendly Attractions and Events

sensory-friendly-attractions-1When your child is sensitive to lights, sounds and sights, it can be hard to get out and about for fun as a family. Regular nights at the movies or afternoons at the aquarium may be off the table for your troop, but there are still several entertaining things you can do in the Greater Toronto Area. More and more organizations and attractions are offering sensory friendly events, so that everyone in your family can  be comfortable. Here are some awesome experiences to check out. 

Autism Ontario: They collaborate with different venues throughout the GTA to bring you family-fun activities. Last spring, for example, the organization hosted a sensory friendly evening at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada; and they’re throwing a free Halloween fest at Knox Pumpkin Farm on October 30.

Cineplex: You can treat your movie-lovers to better lit, quieter screenings of new release family blockbusters. These sensory friendly show times  occur every 4 to 6 weeks on Saturday mornings.

Sky Zone: If your cutie can’t tolerate the trampoline park’s typical high-energy music and noise, jump on their sensory nights when distractions are dialed down. You can bounce around in the more subdued environment on the last Monday of each month.

The Royal Ontario Museum: The ROM doesn’t tame lights or sounds, but they do offer a handy guide. It  helps identify and navigate areas that may be over-stimulating or aversive to your child with ASD and provides directions to quiet places to relax.

Young People’s Theatre: During their relaxed performances, lights are up and there is a designated relief area where your kiddo can take a break and, if necessary, watch the play on a monitor. YPT also offers a video that outlines what will happen during a visit to their theatre – a great tool to watch beforehand to help prep your sweetie for what’s to come.

Have fun on your family outings!

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