Kid Mechanix’s Shira Karpel Earns Her BCBA

ShiraWe’ve cracked open the bubbly and blown up balloons at Kid Mechanix to celebrate a huge achievement: Shira Karpel, one of our invaluable consultants, has earned her BCBA!

“Having a BCBA means that Shira is now certified in behavioural analysis,” says Shayna Gaunt, Kid Mechanix’s director and founder. “She has to adhere to professional guidelines for responsible conduct, and she’s also required to take 12 hours of continuing education annually to ensure that she is current in regards to ABA practices and standards.” As well, the BCBA certification allows Shira to be a consultant to more clients.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way
Becoming certified in behaviour analysis takes a lot of time, energy and effort. There are classes to attend, intensive studying to do, countless hours of work experience and a hardcore certification exam. “When I first heard about the option of getting a BCBA, it felt enormously daunting,” says Shira.  “Getting it started was hard, because I didn’t know where I’d find the time between my client load and having three children of my own at home.” With her family’s and Kid Mechanix’s support along with her own motivation and dedication, Shira powered through the process and achieved her goal with flying colours.

“I am so excited for Shira,” says Shayna. “With her skill, talent and ability, we (myself and our clients) had absolutely no doubts that she would pass the exam.”

The more education, the better
Shira didn’t necessarily need to get her BCBA – after all, she came to Kid Mechanix with a wealth of education, including a Masters degree in Education and Special Education, and experience – but she decided to pursue it in order to provide her clients with the best ABA know-how possible. “I loved working as a therapist but I felt that I had more to learn and more to give,” Shira explains. “And now that I have my BCBA, I feel like I can take what I’ve learned and give back to my clients. It’s given me the skills that I need to tackle almost any situation.”

Shira’s desire going forward is to help grow Kid Mechanix’s client base so that more people can access quality ABA services. If you’re interested in working with Shira and Shayna, please contact us at 416-899-0225.