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sunshine crayonsSchool’s out for summer in just 10 weeks! Bet your kids are already counting down the days until they get 2 months of fun. I feel the pressure, as a parent, do you? It’s tough to figure out how to give our children a summer full of fab memories while we’re at work much of the time. The solution: Send your sweetie to Kid Mechanix summer camp!

Our programs are developed to bring the best out of your kiddo: Her social and teamwork skills and self-esteem will grow as she’s laughing and making friends and fond memories. Plus, she’ll get the attention she needs to thrive with our 1:3 staff-to-student ratio. And whether or not your honey has communication delays, autism, anxiety or behavioural challenges, we welcome her. Kid Mechanix camps are integrative and inclusive.

Here’s an overview of our three summer programs, which are offered at our learning centre in Vaughan, Ontario. Register by mid-May to cash in on our early-bird discount!

Social Skills Summer Camp 
We’ll work with your 2- to 5-year-old on his conversational skills, teach him how to interact appropriately with his peers and how to be part of a team. Sounds like hard work? No way! Your sweetie will gain these skills as he participates in outdoor play, dress up, sports and art. Fun, fun, fun!

Active Adventurers
If your 6- to 12-year-old loves to go on adventures and experience new things, this camp is for him. We’ll have daily field trips to places like Sky Zone and Reptilia. While your cutie is jumping on trampolines and checking out lizards and gators, we’ll be honing his teamwork and independence skills.

Back-to-School Basics 
After a summer full of all play and no work, your sweetie’s academic skills might be a bit rusty. So, send her to this camp, which runs during the last two weeks of August, for a back-to-school boost. We’ll practice printing, math, reading and school routines with your 3- to 12-year-old to get her pumped and primed for studying in September.

If you have questions or are ready to register – spaces are limited! – contact us. Can’t wait to have fun with your kiddo and help him excel this summer!


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