5 Activities To Make March Break Memorable

girlswimming350Every child should have a blast during March Break. How are you going to make it epic for your sweetie with special needs? If your calendar is a light on exciting excursions, then fill it up with the following Greater Toronto Area activities. 

1. Make art: If your child loves to draw, cut and paint, then consider going to the Art Gallery of Ontario. From March 14-22, the AGO is hosting family fun drop-ins where children can create their own art – it’s a chance for peer interaction and developing fine motor skills – as well as listen to storytellers, explore the kids’ gallery and learn a few dance moves.

2. Ride a horse: Animal-lovers with autism might like riding lessons at Wake Robin Farm. As part of their equine therapy program, kids not only ride, they work on verbally communicating with their horse. As well, they’re taught to groom—something that can help hone fine motor skills and promote nurturing.

3. Hit the gym: Take your child to Variety Village to enjoy the recreation they like best and for the opportunity to boost social and gross motor skills. There, they can swim, learn to play sports and even do an aerobics-type class, such as Cardio-Kids that combines fitness with structured play to work on team participation.

4. Visit a farm: Has your youngster learned about farms in school or therapy? Help them generalize and solidify their knowledge by spending a day at a real one. Choose a place, such as WindReach Farm, that allows some hands-on experiences to increase enjoyment and encourage your child to try new things.

5. Jump around: Bouncing at a trampoline park is fun for almost everyone. Plus, the exercise helps improve mood and promotes better sleep at night. Jump freestyle during public hours or sign up for instruction. Some facilities, such as Airborne Trampoline, offer classes for kids with special needs.

 Photography by tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net